14:01:07 DS-Garage
14:01:11 Формула Студент МГТУ им. Н.Э. Баумана
14:01:12 Togliatti Racing Team
14:01:22 NEFTEGAZ Engineering
14:01:29 Формула Студент ПНИПУ
14:04:54 FS RUDN
14:08:05 FS USURT

Лист ожидания

14:32:07 Formula Electric MADI


Перечень участников формируется в порядке скорости регистрации при заполнении регистрационной формы. Если какая-либо команда снимается с конкурса или не присылает своевременно отчеты, её место занимает команда из листа ожидания. Если до 22:00 МСК слоты команд-новичков не будут заполнены, их место занимают команды из листа ожидания.

PDF версия правил RCC

Подготовка команд к международным соревнованиям международной серии Formula Student | Formula SAE в рамках дисциплины Cost Report


АНГЛИЙСКИЙ Для всех заданий, подготовительных, рабочих и презентационных материалов.

РУССКИЙ/АНГЛИЙСКИЙ Команда при регистрации должна выбрать на каком языке будет защищать свой проект.


Любая инженерная команда любой международной инженерной серии из числа участников FS-FORUM 2018

Число регистрационных слотов – 8, из них 3 для команд без опыта участия в соревнованиях или не принимавших участие в 2017 году в официальных этапах.


Презентация – 10 мин

Ответы на вопросы – 10 мин


Dear teams,

The judges ask you to calculate the cost of steering wheel manufacturing (including electronic devices, quick release if applicable) on your vehicle. The calculation must include all the costs for materials, production, purchase and assembly and should be done as realistic as it possible. You must specify the equipment's performance, hourly rates, overheads, etc. All the calculations should be done in euro, if there is a need to change for euros from another currency you have to provide information about the exchange rate.

The other task judges ask you to solve is to think of how will the obtained cost of steering wheel change comparing to Rules conditions in case you as a company will manufacture 83 steering wheel assemblies per year? The result of the task should be shown as detailed calculation of cost taking into account the indicated limitations.

All the calculations should be done in table forms. Assumptions about the change in cost must be done in English in the form of several slides in the presentation. The defense of the task will be organized in Russian or English according to your choice during registration. Please, bring printed drawings, tables and the steering wheel itself (for a live demonstration of the correspondence between the drawings and the real part) for the event. All the supporting materials and documentation should be in English.


23:59 CET 5.02.2018

Submitting of the supporting materials, cost tables and real case:
7.02.2018 up to 23:59 CET


1. Supporting materials existence (including presentation): 0/1/3/5 score
2. Steering Wheel (bring it on the defense): 0/1 score
3. Supporting materials language Russian/English (including presentation): 0/5 score
4. Defense (conversation) language Russian/English: 0/5 score
5. Presentation skills (timing, eye contact, outlook, the way you present): 0...5 score
6. Logical way of taking a decision: 0...3 score
7. Quality and Evidence of the supporting materials: 0...5 score
8. Questions answering: 0...4 score
9. Common sense: 0...2 score

Total score: 35 maximum


Up to 1 hour delay -
1.5 score penalty
1-12 hours delay -
3.5 score penalty
12-24 hours delay -
7 score penalty
More than 24 hours delay -
10.5 score penalty


1. Rules –
2. Materials (tutorials) of Cost Report -